Careers (Teachers and Professionals)

Teachers and Professionals

This section is for educational professionals, businesses and teachers. All of whom have a role to play in the Careers Education of our students.



Alongside parents and other family members, teachers have the greatest influence on the career decisions of students. It is therefore crucial that we understand the current world of work and help show students the opportunities our subjects can move them towards. To do this, we recommend you use the following resources.

Careers Programme and Feedback

The school has a careers programme which it reviews every year during the Summer Term. Over your time at Thomas Adams you will start by learning about different jobs, to learning about what career path is right for you, to learning the skills you will need to apply, interview and achieve the career you desire. The document can be found here.

We also want to know what you think about our Careers Programme. We constantly review this, if you wish to provide us with feedback, please follow the survey link.

Each year we collect data where Year 11 and 13 want to go after they finish their studies and where they end up going. This is so we can see how effective our Careers Programme is.  For the latest data overview for Year 11 please see here and for a more in depth analysis click here For Year 13, please see here.

Useful links

If you wish to bring your subject to life, we would recommend the following websites.

Icould website  The site provides a range of teaching activities for teachers to use to help students learn about what careers are recommended for studying their subject. The careers related videos that can make excellent discussion points.

Careers Box – – Videos relating to different careers.

STEM learning – – Resources and lesson plans related to STEM lessons.

My Learning My Future suite of Benchmark 4 resources to support subject teaching staff, from over 20 subjects at KS3 & 4.


Educational Professionals and Businesses

Access Policy

If you are a further education, higher education or training body, please find our access policy here. The school has a Careers Programme, built upon the CDI and Gatsby Benchmarks. If you are interested in accessing our students, please contact the school via email Please note, we may refuse providers access on the grounds that another provider, with good links with the school has already been invited in to talk about a specific type of qualification or option. It would be felt that to invite a similar provider in, is a duplication of information about the different courses and qualification options available. Students are directed to look at specific providers in other ways, such as college open evenings, taster events and prospectuses freely available for students to access in school. Students can also meet and discuss with an independent Careers Adviser. As such if we refuse, we are more than happy to have information about your organisation which we can distribute to students. As a school we are actively promoting the updated 2023 PAL – as such if you can provide with vocational training or apprenticeships, we are more than happy to hear from you. We are also proud that we promote such opportunities, in line with the 2023 legislation.

Enterprise Partnerships

The school is always looking for companies who through a mutually beneficial partnership can provide students with opportunities and we can recommend our school leavers. If you would be interested in such a partnership, please email the school

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Work experience

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