On Tuesday 19 November, the inaugural Student Leadership Group meeting took place.  With the head boys and head girls of each year group in attendance, a broad spectrum of opinions from the student body were discussed.

Whilst enjoying a buffet lunch, items on the agenda at the first meeting included:

  1. Environmental awareness
  2. Recycling
  3. Coat policy
  4. Homework

Students would like to see more places around school for refilling water bottles as a way of reducing plastic waste.  They would also like to see plastic water bottles in the canteen be replaced with cans of water.  Sixth Formers would like to see the introduction of coloured recycling bins around the site.  To further spread environmental awareness, students also proposed methods of promoting multi-use bottles.  Students would like to see an increase in recycling bins in outside areas.

A discussion also took place regarding the wearing of coats inside the building.  Particularly in relation to congestion in doorways and corridors at busy periods e.g. coming in from lunch.

Lukasz Majer, Year 13 Head Boy said “we have managed to gather all of the students’ opinions by conducting larger-scale meetings.  The meetings are open to all students giving them the opportunity to bring forward any concerns.  This is helpful for us because it means their opinions will be heard and steps taken to make their school experience more enjoyable”.

Lukasz, along with Megan Hardiman, Year 13 Head Girl, will now take forward the discussions to the next Senior Leadership Team meeting.  They will have the opportunity to voice student concerns and work together with management on the topics discussed.

The first meeting was extremely productive and successful.  Lukasz added “we find it incredibly important that all opinions are heard and given consideration.  As such, we work to represent the student body as well as we can.  We aim to reach mutual beneficial compromises for both the students and staff”.

The Student Leadership Group plan to hold a meeting once per term in the future.

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