As this term draws to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support so far this year and to remind you of a few important points for the new term.

Obviously attendance and punctuality continue to be important and we would value your continued support on ensuring these, and that your child arrives to school on time and with correct uniform, equipment and homework. Please be advised that there are procedures in place should a student not comply.

If your child requires uniform for the new term, please ensure it meets the school’s uniform policy, this is especially relevant to footwear (plain black shoes) and school skirts (from the Uniform Shop only). Uniform should be named in case of loss.

Haircuts must be grade 2 or longer, and any dye must be a natural colour. No facial, tongue or body piercings are allowed. Ear “spacers/stretchers” are also not part of our uniform.

We would prefer that mobile phones are not brought to school at all but if needed they should be turned off and in a student’s bag which should be kept with the student at all times or in a locker. If a student is caught with a phone on two occasions, then parents are asked to come and collect the phone from Pastoral. Obviously, the school cannot be responsible if expensive phones or other electronic equipment gets lost or broken.

School returns on Monday 24 April and we wish all our students a safe and happy holiday.

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