As Crime Prevention Officer for Shropshire Council, I have worked with the Thomas Adams School since the school began the ‘Safer School’ initiative in 2009.

In November 2014, the school achieved its Safer School accreditation.  This week, the school held an annual Safer School meeting that I attended. Whilst the school has always been committed to the initiative, it was great to see that the school continues the initiative with even more enthusiasm.

The Safer School meeting was well supported by students, staff and the Police and all who attended.  The students contributed really well to the meeting.  At this meeting we reviewed security/safety, considered on any issues/concerns at the school and planned for the future.

It was a very positive meeting, reflecting on the considerable good work and improvements of the school in the last year.

A future meeting will be scheduled for the autumn term 2020.

Excellent work!

Ian Bartlett
Crime Prevention Officer
Shropshire Council

The Thomas Adams School
Lowe Hill
SY4 5UB 

01939 237000

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