The Science department have been fortunate enough to be gifted a range of high quality Science equipment. The equipment will be used to enhance learning and experimental procedures at the school.

Mr Chris Butlin, has worked for many years developing Science qualifications with exam boards. He has also written text books and is the grandfather of ex-students Max and Charlie Ravlen.

Chris is retiring from his work. In wanting to ensure his equipment, accumulated over years of work, was put to good use, Mr Butlin thought of us!

We are grateful recipients of electronic data logging apparatus and experiments devised by Chris himself. Chris has used his skill to design novel approaches designed to demonstrate scientific ideas and concepts.

This is a huge addition to our department. We would like to express our thanks to Chris for thinking of us and for making a most generous gift of such a fine range of equipment. The equipment will benefit our students for years to come.

Science equipment

Mr and Mrs Butlin, seen here with Mr Cuthbert, Head of Science (middle)

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