Thank you to Andy, Tom and Phil – Youth Support Area Lead (North) for running a Below the Belt workshop to some of our Year 9 students during May.

“Below the Belt” workshop. The workshop aims to support young men whose education may be impacted for a range of reasons including – attendance, risk taking, or presenting with challenging attitudes and/or behaviours. 

In essence, the workshop is conversation based and provides a safe space where young men are able to discuss issues and concerns that affect them, their relationship with school, peers, girls, their mental health and their attitudes and behaviours.

The workshop is underpinned by a collaborative approach with school to provide these students with improved opportunities to remain engaged in education.

The workshops aims to:

  • Explore rights and responsibilities
  •  Challenge gender norms and expectations
  •  Address homophobia, misogyny, pornography and sexism
  •  Develop emotional awareness
  •  Explore the dangers/risks of denying feelings that are linked to suicide
  •  Explore how to keep safe
  •  Work on understanding personal anger and managing their aggression
  •  Explore risk taking and proving behaviour
  •  Explore both public and private masks.

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