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At The Thomas Adams School, Literacy underpins our curriculum vision. We aim to provide every student every opportunity with a focus on the three strands of quality Literacy provision;

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Oracy

We run a Peer Reading scheme during Tutor Time in which more experienced students read with those who may struggle with their reading and/or comprehension and we have had great success with this over the years.  

We also run a Breakfast with a Book scheme which allows some of our more vulnerable pupils access to quality reading material and breakfast to start their days in the right way. In addition, we offer students a chance to become Student Librarians and join our Book Club to champion reading and discussion around books across the school community.  

Thomas Adams has participated in the National Literacy Trust survey for young people for the last three years in order to better understand our students and their reading trends. We also look at reading trends of the young people across the UK and the world. This has meant that we can respond to what our students want to read. We can then stock our library appropriately as well as make informed decisions for our Literacy Calendar throughout the year.  

The National Literacy Trust is also great for supporting parents and carers with Literacy needs for younger siblings, works for work, adult literacy courses and engaging and interesting initiatives for all ages. You can find access to their programmes and resources here: National Literacy Trust  

Take a look at our Literacy Calendar for 2021/2022 here

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The latest books on the virtual carousel:  Browse Lists – The Thomas Adams School – Oliver (  Students can use their school log in details to browse, reserve and renew their library loans. Students can also see what’s new – all from the comfort of home.

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