Cloverley Weekend Review

by students Sophie Meredith and Louisa Lee


Going to Cloverley with equally as enthusiastic musicians was an absolute treat. None of us ever had a dull moment during our time there.

First, we would like to talk about our stay within the rooms. The beds that we slept in were surprisingly comfortable and cosy. Not once did we ever feel uncomfortable within the rooms and or wake up tired from the night before. Absolutely refreshing and a joy to stay in. The showers and bathroom seemed to be looked after well.

The food was of great variety and includes vegan and vegetarian options. They also take into consideration people’s allergies, and overall had brilliant hospitality. Staff were a joy to talk to and very accommodating.

Activities that we were able to access were great fun to use with all of my friends. We had foosball, table tennis and pool tables available to use that we got very competitive about.

Nothing compares to the boom whacking sessions we had both nights we stayed. They were comprised of popular music songs and challenges such as speeding up the songs that we felt comfortable with. Something that was great fun was the karaoke, which we danced along to, followed by an amazing Kahoot some of the students had made.

Day 2

On the second day, we had the option of swimming and netball. We personally had joined the group going swimming. It was a wonderful temperature and had many games, such as tag. We didn’t personally experience the netball matches, however after hearing it from my friends, it was very competitive and enjoyable. Mrs Heywood’s group winning it for the choir.

The performance on the final day was very enjoyable, some of the choir joining the percussion section of the orchestra and having a taste of what it was like to be a part of the group through the percussion section. Even with the minimal practices we had throughout the days, we all felt prepared and confident when going into the performance and coming out of it beaming.

It was such a joy to go on the trip and the only negative thing I can think of about it is the fact it simply wasn’t a long enough stay! I cannot wait to go back again next year and experience what else Cloverley has to offer.

I would highly recommend going there yourself, as it is a great experience.

See you next year!!

5 Stars.


Sophie and Louisa

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Cloverley Music Residential 2022 – Thomas Adams School

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