With the support of their teacher, Amy Glover, six of our A Level Business Studies students are celebrating success following the annual Drapers Den competition.

The Year 13 team all took part in the virtual competition from our main hall in school last week.

The competition brief was to create a business idea that would benefit society, particularly in light of the current pandemic. Teams could ask for a fictious £500,000 of investment. Our team came up with the idea for an app that would support parents who are victims of child-parent abuse. As this is an unknown type of domestic violence, the team wanted to highlight this taboo subject and offer support. Especially as in lockdown the number of cases increased significantly. The app would offer resources and support networks for parents as well as keep a logbook to record incidents.  The team requested £300,000 and focused on the social benefits such an app would provide.

The judges were impressed with the team’s presentation and made a particular comment on the logo design and explanation of colours used. One judge claimed, “it was the best logo I have ever seen–including real businesses.” One judge was so impressed, she didn’t have any further questions for the team.

They worked on their idea and presentation with 2 mentors from Drapers; Joanna Stewart and Bola Lafe. They regularly conducted Zoom meetings with them and engaged well with their feedback and suggestions.

The team won the Drapers Trophy, £5000 for the school and £1000 to donate to the charity PEGS (Parental Education Growth and Support). This charity was supportive of the idea and even gave an endorsement video clip to include in the presentation.

The team will now compete in the Livery Academy Awards on Monday 25th January 2021. There is the intention to have the presentations ‘live’ at Mansion House in London.


Drapers Den Competition 2020

(L-R) Holly Eccleston, William Evans, Oliver Cooper, Charlie Taylor, Ryan Greaves and Maya Balachandran

Drapers Den Competition 2020

The winning team!

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