Exam Appeal Information provided by JCQ

Please note that as there were no examinations taken this year, there will be no Grade Boundaries or marks to provide to you on results days.

Summer 2020 Post Results Service

This year there will be very limited grounds for appeal.

Full details of what this actually means for students unhappy with their results will be made available as soon as it has been released by the Awarding Bodies, and in any event by the time results are released to you.

The grounds for appeal will be limited to:

  • Procedural Error made by either the Awarding Body or by Thomas Adams School.  The school will submit an appeal to the awarding body on behalf of a candidate where it is believed that the centre itself made an error when submitting centre assessment grade or rank order information to the awarding body or that the awarding body made an administrative error in the calculation or issuing of results.
  • Evidence of bias / discrimination.  Candidates should raise a complaint with the Headteacher if they feel they have evidence of bias or discrimination in the awarding of centre assessed grades.

For candidates who wish to take an exam in the exceptional Autumn series (for progression purposes, or because they were withdrawn due to insufficient evidence) there will be further details made available by results day(s).

Candidates should note that exams will consist of written exam papers only – with the exception of Art – and results will be based solely on these written papers.

All timetabled examinations from this Summer will be available during this exceptional Autumn series for candidates who are either unhappy with their calculated grade, or were unable to receive a calculated grade.

Full details of dates and application procedure will be provided once known and certainly by results day(s).

Please note that dependent on when the detail is provided to us by the Awarding Bodies, you may not receive any further information about the Autumn series or Appeals process (including deadlines and costs) until the day that you receive your results.

A reminder of results days:

A Level – Thursday 13th August

GCSE – Thursday 20th August

Further information can be found here:   Ofqual – Grading in 2020 information for students


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