Science Teacher holds fundraising event for the Ikholwa Children’s Home, South Africa

Before becoming a teacher, Mrs Steinberg would organise small charity events. The money raised would be given to a children’s home in the town where she grew up. Ikholwa Children’s Home is based in Roodepoort, South Africa.

The home was started to give hope to children at a time when there were many that were either infected or affected by HIV. The focus has shifted now in order to meet the needs of the community. Ikholwa offers homes for all babies and children in need. Recently their oldest child has just been accepted to complete a degree in Education, how wonderful is that!

For this year’s fundraiser, Mrs Steinberg decided to make lightweight face masks for staff at Thomas Adams to purchase. Staff happily donated and helped to raise a fantastic £191.00, which equates to R3831.30 (South African rand).

The children’s home are delighted to hear from us and it came just in time as they are in desperate need of funds for Sandile. Sandile is their oldest child who is planning on becoming a teacher and has just started at University to complete his Batchelor of Education.

Here’s the message we received from the Home Manager:

“Wow that is awesome, THANK YOU so much. I would love to use it for Sandile and his studies. Apart from his monthly varsity fees, we are also covering his monthly residence fees as well as helping him with his grocery need. I would love for the money to go towards his costs, especially since that is what inspired you to raise funds. He is truly a stunning young man and will make an awesome teacher. He came with me in December on a mission trip, and watching him with the youngsters was amazing.




Thank you to everyone who purchased a mask for this worthy cause!

Face masks raise funds
Face masks raise funds

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Face masks raise funds

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