Important notice

Football Match Thursday 15th June
Research Day Thursday 30th June
Parents’ Information Evening Tuesday 5th July

Dear Parent/Carer,

As you are probably aware, England are playing their second Group B Euro 2016 match on Thursday afternoon, against Wales. It is a rare occurrence for such a game to take place during the college day (this is the only time that this will happen during this championship) and we would like to give students the opportunity to watch the match, whilst not causing huge disruption to the college day. As a result, we have agreed that those who wish to watch the match will be able to do so during period 5 on Thursday, starting at 2pm. There will be rooms allocated at Lowe Hill so Year 12 students can join the lower school watching on large screens.

The school buses will depart at the usual time, so students who travel by bus will miss the final part of the game. Students who live in Wem or travel independently will be able to continue to watch the match to its conclusion, should they wish to do so. We are aware that not all students will wish to join in with this event. I suggest that they continue with academic work or research their future options using the My Future workbook issued to students in registration today.

Research Day Thursday 30th June

We are also giving students a research day at home on Thursday 30th June as we are hosting prospective students for an Applicant Open Day. Students should research university, gap years and vocational opportunities using the workbook mentioned above. This is available on Moodle in the Common Room if students have mislaid their hard copy.

Parents’ Information Evening Tuesday 5th July

Please don’t forget to attend this really useful evening in Stanier Hall from 6-8pm to help you support your son/daughter in their planning for university or work.

Yours sincerely,

Lorna Withey

Director of College

The Thomas Adams School
Lowe Hill
SY4 5UB 

01939 237000

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