Dear Parent/Carer

As we prepare for next year, I wanted to inform you of the changes we are putting in place and to remind you of the systems and rules that are already in place. The fact that your child is attending Thomas Adams does, by implication, mean that these systems and rules are accepted.

School Day

After consultation with staff, we have altered the timings of the school lessons, break and lunchtime.

8.45am – Registration/Assembly

9.05am – Lesson 1

10.10am – Lesson 2

11.10am – Break

11.30am – Lesson 3

12.35pm – Lesson 4

1.35pm – Lunchtime

2.20pm – Lesson 5

3.20pm – Finish

The reason for the change is that we believe students focus much better in the mornings. However, it will mean a longer wait until lunch, so there will be more of a need for a good breakfast and/or snacks at break. Many other schools follow this pattern in a school day and find it works well.


The following non-negotiables for staff and students have been decided upon after a full consultation process. Whilst I am sure all schools will have similar rules, here at Thomas Adams we will insist on these being met.


Students Form Tutor – To create a positive Form ethos Staff
·         Arrive on time with the correct equipment to learn

·         Always follow instructions first time without questioning

·         Try your hardest even when it is difficult

·         Be respectful and tolerant of others, politeness is key!

·         Do your homework on time and do it well

·         Read out briefing sheet

·         Check equipment/ uniform/planners

·         Discuss G4S with pupils

·         Take register timely and accurately

·         Deliver Form time programme

·         Start and finish lessons on time

·         Take register

·         Deliver well-planned, interesting, challenging and varied lessons

·         Set homework: check/ chase/mark as per policy

·         Deal with behaviour in class, then record on Go 4 Schools

These represent the basic minimum expectations that we expect from students and staff and there is a new Praise/Rewards and Sanctions Policy in place to support this. The policy will be on our website from September and be fully explained in assemblies.


We do expect students to complete homework and to get this in on time, this is good preparation for independent working and meeting deadlines in the world of work. To support this, the homework policy is also changing. Students will now be given a lunchtime detention straight away if work is late. If there are circumstances that prevented the homework being completed, please provide a note for this. If the work is not completed during the detention, it must be handed in, complete, on the next school day. Only if they fail to attend this detention will they have an after-school detention and we would appreciate your support with this. Homework planners will again be provided for free but lost/damaged folders must be replaced at the cost of £5.

Water Bottles

We have had a problem with the water bottles bought from home or the canteen being left as litter around the school and field, as students are allowed to consume water all day. Many students also refill these bottles to carry around which is against current health and safety advice. We will be investigating a see-through Thomas Adams sports style drinking bottle which will be introduced during the next year. Water will still be able to be brought from the canteen but this should be drunk in the dining hall at break or lunchtime only.

Reading Books

As part of our Literacy drive, we require every student to carry a reading book in their school bag at school for use in Form periods and when required during lessons. We would encourage parents to get actively involved in helping their children choose a suitable book (either fiction or non-fiction) of a suitably challenging standard. Books will, of course, be available to borrow from the school library at lunchtimes and English staff can offer advice about a suitable level of challenge.


We have reviewed our uniform and haircut policy (on the website). We would ask that all students return in full, correct uniform in September and that they avoid extreme haircuts and colours which are not natural. Skirts should be between the knee and mid-thigh and must not be rolled up to make them shorter. Uniform will be checked thoroughly each morning and students will be issued with a detention should they not wear uniform correctly.

Mobile Phones

Our mobile phone policy remains unchanged. It clearly states that if students have their mobiles with them (for use in getting home at the end of the day) then they should be turned off and in their bags at all times. Their bag should be kept with them, unless it is in a locked PE changing room. This is for safeguarding issues and to discourage use of social media and cameras during the school day. If a student disobeys this rule, in the first instance the phone will be confiscated, locked in a safe and given back at the end of the day. However, on all future occasions, parents or another nominated adult will be asked to collect the phone from the Pastoral Office. Please do not text or ring your child during the school day.

Contacting School

If you wish to contact a member of staff, then you should phone reception, or email to either book an appointment or request a phone call back. Staff teach for the majority of the time but will get back to you as soon as possible during a free period or after school. The Pastoral desk (01939 237070) is available to contact at any time between 8.30am and 4.30pm for any welfare concerns.

Please note that we will not tolerate any abuse of staff or aggression (verbal or physical) to any member of staff. Should this happen, it will be taken very seriously, the phone call or meeting will be terminated immediately, offenders may be banned from the site and police action may be taken.

I hope that you understand and appreciate the need for the systems and rules we have in place. Ultimately they are for the protection of your child/children to ensure they have a positive school experience and make the progress of which they are capable.

Thank you for your efforts and support both this year and next. Can I remind you that school finishes for most on Friday 21 July at 1.15pm, although the Year 10s are now going on Work Experience and we wish them all the best for this. Students will be returning to school on Wednesday 6 September.

Yours sincerely


Mrs E Dakin


The Thomas Adams School
Lowe Hill
SY4 5UB 

01939 237000

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