The Thomas Adams Music Department are embarking on a new, exciting and innovative project. All Year 7 students now have a fantastic opportunity to learn a musical instrument they wouldn’t normally use and to make music with others.

Our aim is for more young people to access instruments and gain hands-on experience. We now have trumpets, trombones and clarinets in abundance to ensure everyone can experience the joy of music. Students can take up an instrument, access music lessons and become part of our extra-curricular clubs. Many of our budding musicians gain in confidence. Students also progress to playing in regular school performances and productions.

The new instruments have arrived with students keen to help unpack the boxes! Head of Music, Mrs Heywood and Music teacher, Mrs Fitton are introducing the new instruments along the way!

Studying music and playing an instrument offers so many benefits to a child’s education. Benefits include building confidence, strengthening patience and perseverance, and reducing stress to name but a few!

We are delighted to start using all the new instruments and getting everyone involved.

Above everything else, music makes everyone happy. 

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