Lee Irwin has just taken residency of Thomas Adams Boarding facility as Director of Boarding. He has charted a diverse and fulfilling career in education, straddling the realms of state and independent schooling, with a pronounced focus on pastoral care and an extensive background in boarding education. His journey commenced with a love of art and design, as he pursued his studies at Bournemouth University and Portsmouth University. However, his true calling beckoned, and he embarked on a path that would lead him to become a teacher.


Lee’s pedagogical journey continued with his pursuit of a teaching postgraduate qualification at Bristol, where he honed his skills and passion for guiding and inspiring young minds. It was here that he recognised the profound impact education could have on shaping the future of individuals and communities. Beyond the classroom, Lee harbours an unabated enthusiasm for rugby, a sport that, he concedes, may occasionally take up more of his life and his families lives than he intends. He is a keen craftsman and is just at home in the workshop as he would be in the classroom. His enthusiasm for the kinaesthetic has meant that he enjoys both delivering and participating in the Technology curriculum.


Lee’s unwavering commitment to boarding education led him and his family to undertake a significant relocation of nearly 300 miles to Wem. This move underscored their dedication to the Adams Boarding House and Thomas Adams School. In the heart of this transformative journey is Lee’s steadfast partnership with his wife, Jo, who shares his vocation, as an Art teacher at Thomas Adams School. Together, they create a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment for their two sons, James aged 16 and Oliver aged 9, complemented by the cheerful presence of their beloved dog, Betty, who already has a large social media following within Wem as the new boarding dog.

Lee’s passion for boarding education is always evident in his daily life. He revels in the warm and familial atmosphere that permeates Adams House, recognising it as the place in which lasting friendships are forged, and young hearts and minds are moulded. Lee is ensuring that Adams House maintains its ethos of being the ‘biggest family in Shropshire’ with warmth, dedication, and a genuine love for the transformative power of boarding education.

Director of Boarding - Thomas Adams School - Wem

Lee Irwin – Director of Boarding

Betty the boarding house dog

‘Betty’ the new boarding house dog

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