U14 Football v Corbet

Year 9 boys football won 6-1 against Corbet.

Students played brilliantly as a team and worked extremely hard.

Goals from Robert Horton scored a hattrick, Jayden Danks scored one, Sam Richmond scored one, Harry Barber scored one. Rebecca Sadler and Brooke Fisher played superb in midfield.

Players of the match were Sam Richmond, Robert Horton and James Priggis.

U14 Football v SJT

Drew 1-1. Player of the match Wojtuk Suchocki and Harry Barber. 


U16 and U19 Netball v Concorde College

Year 11 won 27-13. Players of the match were Harriet Hanmer, Matt Carmi and Will Sadler.

Year 12/13 won 19-12. Players of the match were Annie Davies and Caitlin Anderson.



Chance to Shine Girl’s Cricket Leadership Training

40 KS3/4 girls’ got the opportunity to work with Ryan and Taylor (Shropshire Chance to Shine Cricket Coaches).

Students learnt how to develop themselves as coaches, taking part in exciting workshops. Students will hopefully get the chance to put into practice what they learnt by leading KS2 students in the summer. 



Mrs Kempster and the PE team.

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