Introducing our Year 11 Prefects for 2021/2022!

Our prefects initially applied for the positions in the summer term and worked in groups identifying key features of the role. The role of a prefect is an important one, promoting our values of respect, resilience and success.
In September, all potential prefects made a start ‘earning’ their badge. A rota was drawn up and observations made by staff and other prefects.
The students pictured are those that have so far earnt their badges by attending their shifts. They have dealt with some often-challenging situations with maturity.

Tom Woodhead, Josh Beale and Charlie Watton have been given the role of ‘Head Prefects’. All three are hard-working, vigilant and are highly professional within the role, covering any absences when needed.

Prefects are expected to ensure all other students are in the correct areas at lunchtime and behaving in accordance with school expectations. On top of this, many prefects offer help, support and advice to the younger students who might be struggling. Initiative, quick-thinking and hard-working are some of the key skills required to complete the role successfully.

Congratulations everyone!

Year 11 Prefects at Thomas Adams School
Year 11 Prefects at Thomas Adams School
Year 11 Prefects at Thomas Adams School

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